Computer Issues? We do all Repair!

-Macbook Pro or Macbook Air doesn’t start

-Macbook Pro or Macbook Air doesn’t charge

Unable to login to Macbook Pro

-Frozen App or Computer

Stuck on Spinning Beach Ball

-Bad or No Internet Connection

Apple Computer is Frozen

  • Fluid or Water Damage
    Broken presentation or glass
  • Case marks, breaks, or different harms
  • Broken connectors or ports
  • Non-charging or broken port
  • Broken or non-clicking trackpad
  • Swollen or dead battery
  • Dim or blue screen during boot
  • Non-working console
  • Hard drive clicking
  • Incessant spinning beachball or pinwheel frozen
  • No picture or dull/dark screen at boot
  • Arbitrary shutdowns
  • Uneven backdrop illumination on iMac show
  • Malware or Adware
  • Alerting Sounds During Boot
  • Question mark envelope at boot
  • Corrupted boot volume

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