The most commonly used word processing application is Microsoft Word. That’s why it can be frustrating to receive a word file, document, or a .docx file on your Mac computer. The main reason is because Apple computers do not come standard with Microsoft Office products. However, you can purchase Microsoft Office applications for your Mac from Microsoft, but most of the options are now subscription based which can get to be pretty expensive.

In this article we will walk you through how to open and export a word file document using a Apple Mac computer. You can achieve this with Apple’s word processing software pages.

How to Open a Microsoft Word File on Mac with Apple Pages

1. Make sure that Pages is installed on your Mac. You can check this by going to the App Store and typing in Pages. It will say “Open” if it is already installed on your computer. If it is not installed, click “Get” and type in your Apple ID to install.

2. Go to Finder and locate the Word file (.docx). Once you locate the file, you can click it and then click the settings gear at the top of the finder window. Select “Open With” and choose “Pages”. This will now open the document with Apple Pages.

3. Once the file opens you may notice some differences depending on the font and formatting was used in the Microsoft Word document.

How to Export a Microsoft Word File on Mac with Apple Pages

1.Click “File” in the upper left hand corner in Pages and go to “Export To” and select “Word”.

2. Once you see the “Export Your Document” screen. Click next and select where you would like to save your document.


Working with Word file documents in Mac operating systems can be very simple. Apple has designed there Pages software to work pretty good with Microsoft Word. Just make sure that the formatting and font will translate well to other machines.