How to Open and Export a Word File on Mac

The most commonly used word processing application is Microsoft Word. That’s why it can be frustrating to receive a word file, document, or a .docx file on your Mac computer. The main reason is because Apple computers do not come standard with Microsoft Office products. However, you can purchase Microsoft Office applications for your Mac […]

5 Tips for Buying a Used/Refurbished Apple MacBook Pro or MacBook Air

Are you looking to purchase a MacBook? Perhaps for a loved ones birthday or maybe for your personal studio? With the high cost of Apple products a lot of people are turning to refurbished and used Mac products. The issue many people have when it comes to purchasing a secondhand Apple Mac Computer is knowing […]

Apple MacBook Pro (Unibody vs. Retina vs. Touch Bar)

The Modular Machine It is easy to get confused with the language in the Macintosh world. Unibody, Retina, TouchBar, what do they all mean? Let’s just start with the basics. The MacBook Pro Unibody refers to all Apple Mac laptops from late 2008 to mid 2012. These computers have a bottom housing made from a […]

Best Apple Mac Laptop for High School and College Students

Are you feeling lost trying to decide what Apple Laptop to purchase for your upcoming school year? Maybe your old PC laptop just died and you are looking to upgrade to a reliable Mac computer. Below we will discuss some options for you and some questions you should be asking yourself when shopping online for […]

Apple MacBook Pro 15” Touch Bar vs. Apple MacBook Pro 13” Touch Bar

Apple has always offered two clear variations for the MacBook Pro. A model with a 15″ screen and a model with a 13″ screen, but is that the only difference? Far from it. From the early generations of the MacBook Pro we can see a pattern start to define itself. The 15″ MacBook Pro is […]

Apple Mac Laptop vs. PC Windows Laptop

Fans of both Apple’s OS and Microsoft’s Windows have been at it for generations. There are advantages and disadvantages to both sides. Which one you decide to choose is dependent on a couple different factors. We will discuss some of the main differences between a Mac and a Windows computer below.  Read on for more […]