Fans of both Apple’s OS and Microsoft’s Windows have been at it for generations. There are advantages and disadvantages to both sides. Which one you decide to choose is dependent on a couple different factors. We will discuss some of the main differences between a Mac and a Windows computer below.  Read on for more details!

Price Comparison

First and most obvious – the price advantage goes to the Windows machines. If you compare PCs to Apple products, as far as hardware is concerned, the PC side tends to have similar specifications for a lower price. Although, because Apple’s MacOS is designed and built around their specific hardware, it tends to run better than competing PC products.

A large factor between the two tends to be how capable the user might be. Windows users will have to update software drivers and get the ability to further customize their operating system, while Apple users generally do not have to deal with “maintenance” and don’t have to worry about the potential of messing with your systems advanced settings.

Device Compatibility

An advantage to being in the Apple Ecosystem is that all your devices will speak with one another and seamlessly transfer tasks from one to another. Texting someone on your phone but need to jump on your laptop? No problem. iMessage allows you to send texts through your MacOS capable device!

Ultimately the deciding factor is what you intend to do with your product, whether it’s a Apple computer or a PC. If you’re into gaming, or want to change how your computer operates, choose a PC. If you want a low-maintenance product with a hassle free operating system, go for an Apple product.